Are Seat Belt Injuries Common After Car Accidents?

Posted on: March 27, 2023

Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advocate for wearing a seat belt, claiming that it significantly reduces the number of life-threatening injuries and fatalities. Seat belts are a vital part of car safety because they save lives. One should always be worn, but it is not uncommon for people to experience injuries from wearing a seat belt during a car accident.

Wearing a seat belt keeps drivers and passengers safer because it can prevent a deadly ejection from a vehicle during a crash. Also, the force of an airbag deploying in an accident can injure occupants. The NHTSA reports that in 2022, 91.6 percent of people wore their seat belts and many lives were saved. In 2020, half of passenger vehicle occupants who lost their lives were not wearing seat belts.

Buckling up your seat belt properly is the most effective way to protect yourself in an accident as long as it is properly secured. The shoulder and lap belts must be secured across the rib cage and pelvis. Also, the shoulder belt should be away from the neck and never be moved under the arm or behind the back; keep the lap belt off the stomach, too. The straps should fit snugly and be comfortable. If they are too loose or tight, get them adjusted or replaced.

How Do Seat Belt Injuries Happen?

Vehicles come to sudden stops in motor vehicle accidents, causing occupants to be pushed against seat belt straps. If either vehicle involved in a crash was traveling at a high speed, the force will be considerable. Even though wearing a safety belt can save your life in a deadly accident, you might not be walking away unscathed.

It is common for accident survivors to feel significant chest soreness immediately after or soon after crashes. This can be a sign of deep bruising, so it is crucial to have a medical evaluation as soon as possible. A physician can rule out serious injuries or diagnose a condition that needs treatment. On top of that, having a timely medical evaluation will help if you need to make an insurance claim or pursue legal action.

What Types of Injuries Can Seat Belts Cause?

The severity of an injury depends on how fast the vehicles were moving and whether or not the occupants were buckled up correctly. In serious cases, there could be heart, aorta, or lung damage. Other possibilities include broken bones or ruptures, perforations, and tears in the abdominal area. Although it is possible to suffer an injury from a seat belt, the benefits of wearing a seat belt outweigh the cons.

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