Verdicts & Settlements

After an injury or accident you may be struggling to recover not just physically but emotionally. Among other things, you could be dealing with significant loss, pain, medical bills, lost income, repair bills and more.

You may be wondering where to turn for help, who to trust, and how you can get your life back in order. You may also be asking yourself the same questions we hear all the time…

Do I have a case?

What could my case be worth?

How much is it going to cost?

We’re here to help. Our law firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients injured in car accidents, slip-and-falls, work injuries and more. Our Certified Civil Trial attorney believes in fighting for the best possible outcome for your unique situation. We believe our verdicts and settlements speak for themselves and demonstrate the experience, professionalism and care that we put into each and every case.

See for yourself how we’ve helped some clients, then call us for a free consultation and tell us your story. We’re here to help.

$95,000 settlement

For a gentleman who had neck surgery due to a motor vehicle accident

$900,000 settlement

For bus accident with a woman who suffered spine and head injuries

$1,200,000 verdict

In an automobile accident and fusion

$325,000 settlement

For a woman with multiple wrist fractures in a motor vehicle accident

$220,000 verdict

In a motorcycle accident with an injured shoulder

$600,000 settlement

For the estate of a man who was killed in a truck and motor vehicle collision

$92,500 settlement

For a woman who aggravated her preexisting neck surgery in a motor vehicle collision

$800,000 settlement

For spine surgeries due to a crane accident

$150,000 settlement

For a motorcycle crash with facial and wrist fractures

$125,000 settlement

Of a man stepping into a hole at a junk yard

$5,000,000 settlement

For the death of a security guard at a chemical plant

$29, 600,000 settlement

Collapse of Pier 34 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Mikita was a member of the Plaintiff’s Litigation counsel and the family received $7.4 million dollars

$100,000 settlement

For a woman who sustained neck surgery as a result of a motor vehicle collision

$422,500 settlement

For a nurse injured at work when she was hit by a malfunctioning pneumatic bathroom door

$300,000 settlement

For a woman injured in a slip and fall at a grocery store due to water on the floor

The information stated herein should not create any unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific factual and legal circumstances.

Do you have a personal injury claim?

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