What Are the Main Causes of Rollover Car Accidents?

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Rollover car accidents are among the deadliest types of collisions that you could experience. Fortunately, rollover accidents are relatively rare. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that only about two percent of all motor vehicle accidents are rollover collisions. However, rollover accidents account for about 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in the […]

Are Pedestrian Detection Systems Effective at Night?

Middletown Car Accident Lawyers at Mikita & Roccanova Help Clients Injured in Car Accidents at Night.

The goal of motor vehicle safety technology is to make road travel safer for all road users. Recent advances in vehicle safety technology have included sensors and automatic response systems to prevent car accidents, including collisions with pedestrians. Among the detection systems that help prevent road accidents, car manufacturers have added lane departure detection systems […]

How Can I Drive Safely on St. Patrick’s Day?

Middletown Car Accident Lawyers at Mikita & Roccanova Help Clients Injured by Impaired Drivers.

In addition to being a celebration of Irish culture and history, Saint Patrick’s Day has become notorious for its association with green beer, shots of Irish whiskey, and the accompanying drunkenness that creates a jubilant party atmosphere as well as an increased risk of car accidents on highways and roads. When March 17 rolls around […]