Are Digital Screens in New Vehicles Dangerous?

Car makers continuously experiment with advancements in their vehicle generations. These advancements include safety features aimed at reducing the risk of car accidents, as well as fatalities when collisions occur. However, not every piece of technology makes a vehicle safer. This is true of digital screens, which have been at the center of debate between […]

New Marijuana Referendum for New Jersey


On November 3, New Jersey citizens voted in support of legalizing regulated marijuana. Marijuana, also referred as cannabis, has been an ongoing subject of discussion throughout the country, especially during the election. Although this amendment to legalize regulated marijuana was passed, unregulated marijuana is still illegal and subject to criminalization. The marijuana referendum will be […]

Why Is Summer A Good Time To Buy A Home In New Jersey?

Why Is Summer A Good Time To Buy A Home In New Jersey?

Ah, summertime! A season of pool parties, beach trips, grilled burgers… and uprooting your entire life to move into a new home. If you’re like one of the millions of people who buy a new home in the United States each summer, this could be you right now! And while there is no objective “best […]