What Injuries can Occur When an Airbag is Deployed?

Deployed Airbag

Since 1998, all passenger vehicles must have front airbags. Many of today’s cars also have airbags on the sides and in other places. Airbags are intended to save lives, and they do, but they can also cause serious personal injury, even when working correctly. Malfunctioning airbags, however, can cause severe injury and even death. Last […]

William P. Mikita Recognized by Continental Who’s Who

William P. Mikita, senior partner of Mikita & Roccanova, was recently recognized by Continental Who’s Who (CWW) as a Top Attorney for his work in the legal profession. The CWW is an international organization that recognizes top executives and professionals across multiple fields, including business, science, education, philanthropy, finance, law, and engineering, among others. William […]

Are Digital Screens in New Vehicles Dangerous?

Car makers continuously experiment with advancements in their vehicle generations. These advancements include safety features aimed at reducing the risk of car accidents, as well as fatalities when collisions occur. However, not every piece of technology makes a vehicle safer. This is true of digital screens, which have been at the center of debate between […]