What A “Super Lawyer” Means When It Comes To Your Legal Needs

Posted on: March 13, 2017

The law firm of Mikita & Roccanova is pleased to announce that William P. Mikita has been selected to the 2017 Super Lawyers list issued by Thompson Reuters, for his third consecutive year in the area of Personal Injury.

You may have seen the Super Lawyer designation in a number of places and on any number of attorney sites. Each year, Super Lawyers Magazine features its list of selected attorneys across 70 practice areas who are recognized by their peers for excellence in professional achievement.

But do you know how the designation is assigned? And more importantly, do you know what that means for you as a client?

Here’s a bit of information about the Super Lawyers achievement, and why it matters when it comes to your legal needs.

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How Are Super Lawyers Selected?

For the full selection process, you can visit the Super Lawyers website here.

In a nutshell, candidates are nominated by their peers or identified by a Super Lawyers research team. Key guidelines include the following: Attorneys who wish to nominate a candidate must be licensed and practicing within the state where he or she wishes to nominate. The ballot process is confidential; Super Lawyers does not disclose information to nominees about who nominated them. No money exchanges hands; there is no fee to be nominated or selected. Attorneys cannot nominate themselves.

Once a candidate is nominated, Super Lawyers conducts proprietary research across 12 different factors, including the attorney’s experience, clients, verdicts and settlements, scholarly lectures and writings, and education, among others.

This research, in combination with peer evaluation and rankings, results in a final selection of attorneys who are named to the Super Lawyers list.

Only 5% of attorneys are selected in a given year for the list. Each state has both a top 100 and a top 10 ranking list.

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How Important Is It To Be A Super Lawyer?

Being named to the Super Lawyers list is an industry honor that is driven by peer nomination and reviews. It is based on both objective qualifications (like education and experience) and subjective ones (the opinion of peers and the assessment of the Super Lawyers organization).

Whereas a Civil Trial Lawyer certification is only achieved through strict compliance with New Jersey Supreme Court requirements, the Super Lawyers achievement can be more interpretive. And like any industry honor, there are supporters and detractors.

Achieving the Super Lawyer nomination and designation can, however, give you some insight into an attorney’s skills and assets. For example, the peer review requirement means that the attorney is liked and respected enough among peers to be considered. An attorney on the Super Lawyers list is likely to have the experience of working with a broad array of people, since ranking is dependent in part on peer votes and support.

And the research conducted by the Super Lawyers organization points toward attorneys who are notable for a number of positive attributes, like their community involvement, professional achievements and expert contributions. Since only 5% of attorneys nationwide are named to the list, it is not a generally held or freely dispensed honor.

When it comes to choosing an attorney to represent your legal needs, the Super Lawyers designation can be one of many signals to look for. In addition, be sure that your attorney has certifications and designations that are appropriate to your needs. For example, the Certified Civil Trail Certification is also held by William P. Mikita, which demonstrates rigorous education and continuous courtroom experience.

Be sure to choose an attorney who listens, offers honest and open communication, and one whom you feel comfortable working with. If you require legal expertise for a personal injury case, contact Mr. Mikita for a free consultation.