Can a Pothole Car Accident Cause Severe Injuries?

Posted on: April 12, 2023

One of the more jarring experiences as a driver is hitting a pothole. A pothole is created by wear and weather and can become a large crater when not repaired properly. Hitting a pothole can damage your car’s tires, suspension, and overall drivability, but potholes can also cause severe injuries. Even swerving to avoid a pothole can cause a car accident.

From internal injuries to concussions, here are a few injuries that you can suffer from a pothole accident:

  • Head injuries: Hitting a pothole can be so severe that the impact causes your body to jolt, causing your head to whip around. Your head can hit the window or steering wheel, leading to a skull fracture, concussion, or brain damage.
  • Whiplash: A pothole accident can cause whiplash, where the neck muscles and surrounding tendons become damaged as the head moves back and forth in a whip-like fashion.
  • Tailbone injuries: Hitting a deep pothole can be so severe that it causes your vehicle to violently bounce up and down, which can lead to a tailbone injury.

A driver can lose control of their vehicle when driving over a pothole, especially if they hit the pothole unexpectedly. The driver can also swerve out of the way of a pothole, which raises the risk of an accident. Car accidents can lead to all types of injuries.

Liability for a Pothole Car Accident

It is possible in New Jersey to file a pothole-related damage or injury claim with the responsible government entity. However, you need to figure who is responsible for the pothole’s repair. Some important instructions for filing a pothole claim include:

  • Determine where the pothole is located and record it. Landmarks, coordinates, and nearby buildings are necessary. With the pothole’s location, you can determine who is responsible for it.
  • You have 90 days to file a claim. The registered owner of the vehicle must file the claim, and the 90-day window is for pothole injuries as well. Failing to meet the 90-day deadline will result in a claim rejection. Damage claims should have repair costs with attached receipt of payment, location of pothole, a police report (if available), the driver’s auto policy’s declaration page, and photos of the pothole if possible.

Getting reimbursement for a pothole claim can be difficult, but it is not impossible. An experienced attorney can help guide you in the right direction.

Monmouth County Car Accident Lawyers at Mikita & Roccanova Help Those Who Have Been Injured in Pothole Accidents

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