Keansburg Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents affect everyone involved, including the driver of the vehicle, any passengers, or an innocent bystander. No matter who is involved, they deserve compensation for their injuries. The Keansburg car accident lawyers at Mikita & Roccanova advocate on behalf of car accident victims and ensure that a victim’s rights are protected.

What are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

There are many different causes of car accidents that result in both minor and severe injuries. A severe enough car accident can even result in the death of someone involved. The most common causes of car accidents include:

Distracted driving: This is one of the top causes of car accidents in the United States. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, grooming, or talking to a passenger are all common and dangerous distractions.

Drunk driving: Drugs and alcohol impair a person’s ability to make decisions and properly drive a car. Those under the influence of drugs or alcohol should hire a ridesharing service or get a ride from a friend.

Speeding: When a driver goes over the speed limit, they are putting themselves and others at risk. Speeding causes drivers to reduce their ability to stop in a timely manner or lose control of their car. Speed limits are enforced to keep everyone on the road safe and should always be obeyed.  

Running red lights: Many accidents occur at intersections when drivers run red lights or stop signs. Drivers run red lights to avoid waiting, which puts everyone at risk. Stop signs are also a leading cause of accidents due to drivers avoiding them or performing a rolling stop.

Aggressive driving: If a driver is endangering other drivers on the road, this is considered aggressive driving. Aggressive driving actions include speeding, switching lanes too quickly, disregarding the safety of others, and purposefully failing to abide by the rules of the road.

Driving while tired: Fatigue can impair a driver’s ability to react to situations while driving and responding to conditions on the road. Tired drivers should pull over and rest before continuing their trip.

There are also causes of accidents that are not due to driver-error, which include:

Weather conditions: Slippery roads from snow or ice can affect how a car maneuvers. Cars can slide off the road or hit other vehicles causing severe accidents.

Road conditions: Poorly maintained roadways can cause popped tires or the inability to brake.

Vehicle defects: It is common for car parts to malfunction, which can result in accidents if the driver is not aware of the maintenance issues.

What are Common Types of Car Accident Injuries?

Accidents of any kind can result in injuries to everyone involved. The severity and type of injury suffered by drivers and passengers depends on a few different scenarios:

  • Was the driver or passenger wearing their seat belt?
  • Where was the person hit? Front, rear, or side?
  • Was the person facing straight ahead in the seat?
  • Was it a low speed or high-speed collision?
  • Were the airbags deployed?      

There are two different categories of car accident injuries: impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries occur when a person’s body hits part of the interior of the vehicle. Penetrating injuries are cuts and scrapes that occur from shattered glass or loose objects. Examples of car accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash: This is when upper neck, back muscles, and ligaments stretch due to sudden movements.
  • Scrapes and cuts: A car accident can cause objects to be thrown through the air and injure anyone in the vehicle. This can also occur when an airbag deploys from the impact of the crash.
  • Head injuries: These types of injuries can range from mild to serious. Traumatic head injuries are extremely severe and can cause a victim to suffer for the rest of their lives.
  • Broken bones: Broken arms, legs, hips, and other body parts are common in car accidents. The force from a car accident is too much for the bones of a body to handle.
  • Internal bleeding: This injury can be extremely dangerous if not treated in a timely manner. It is important to seek medical treatment after any car accident to ensure that there are no internal injuries.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): After a car accident, a victim may suffer from non-physical injuries. Emotional and mental injuries are common and can make life difficult after an accident.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen in seconds and should be taken seriously. There are a few steps to take after a car accident to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Call the police: The first thing to do after an accident is call the police and report the incident. No matter how big or small the accident is, an incident report needs to be filed.
  • Stay at the scene: Those involved in a car accident should stay at the scene until emergency personnel arrive. A person could face legal penalties if they leave the scene of an accident.
  • Exchange information: It is important for victims to obtain the names, driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and basic insurance information from all drivers involved in the accident. It is also best to be cordial and respectful when talking to others involved.
  • Inform the insurance company: A victim should inform their insurance company as soon as possible about the accident. They should be told about the accident and the extent of their policy holder’s injuries.
  • Take pictures: Physical evidence is always good to have during a car accident case. Take pictures of the scene and any damage that has been done to a car and the other vehicles involved.

What are New Jersey’s Car Accident Laws?

New Jersey has very specific laws when it comes to car accidents and fault. It is a no-fault car insurance state, meaning that after an accident, a victim must file a personal injury claim under their own insurance to receive medical coverage, regardless of who caused the accident. If those injury claims meet certain prerequisites, the victim can then present a claim to the at-fault driver.

New Jersey also has a statute of limitations, which puts a time limit on how long a person has to bring a lawsuit to court. Attempting to present a lawsuit after the deadline has passed will result in the courts denying the claim. In most car accident situations, the two-year window starts from the date of the crash to file a claim.

How can a Lawyer Help with My Car Accident Claim?

It is best that car accident victims consult a lawyer to help them in protecting their rights. Car accidents can be difficult to handle and require skilled legal advocates to help a case come to a satisfactory close. Lawyers will gather evidence and decide on the best plan of action for the case. A lawyer can also help victims receive the compensation they deserve and ensure that the at-fault driver is held liable for their actions.

Keansburg Car Accident Lawyers at Mikita & Roccanova Advocate on Behalf of Car Accident Victims

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