Does Failure to Use Turn Signals Cause Car Accidents?

Posted on: June 28, 2023

According to a Society of Automotive Engineers report, more than 2 million car accidents occur yearly because drivers do not use turn signals. Failing to use a turn signal can cause T-bone collisions when an oncoming car in an adjacent lane turns and the car coming in the opposite direction does not know to slow down or stop. It is also essential to use turn signals in parking lots. When others do not understand that a vehicle will pull into a spot, the unaware drivers will not know to yield. Pedestrians and cyclists can also get injured in this way.

In New Jersey, drivers must give appropriate signals before turning. A turn signal has to be on 100 feet before a turn, and drivers cannot proceed until they can move safely. Anyone pulled over for not signaling is open to getting an $85 fine and two points on their driving record. On top of that, their auto insurance provider can raise their rates and impose surcharges. Even if you are in a turn-only lane, it is best to use the signal.

Can a Driver Who Fails to Use a Turn Signal Be Liable for an Accident?

Although every car accident case is different, drivers who fail to use turn signals can be held liable for causing crashes. Drivers have a legal duty to signal lane changes when turning right or left. Failing to do this can be seen as negligence, but this needs to be proven.

The circumstances of the crash determine who is held responsible. Factors for consideration include how fast the offending driver was going, if the signal was turned on but too late, weather conditions, and if either driver was distracted. In determining fault, comparative negligence comes into play. This is when both drivers are assigned a percentage of fault for the accident. You can collect compensation if you are partially responsible for an accident but not more than half.

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