Can Cell Phone Apps Cause Car Accidents?

Car Accidents

Driving while talking with passengers, grooming, eating, or changing the radio station are all behaviors that are common while operating a motor vehicle.  Each is a distraction that results in a driver taking their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and/or mind off driving.  So many of these behaviors have become commonplace.  Drivers […]

How can a Dash Cam Help a Car Accident Case?

Dash Cam

A dashboard-mounted camera, or dash cam for short, is a compact recording device that sits on a cars dashboard or windshield. Depending on the direction faced, dash cams can record either the drivers perspective of the road or the actions of passengers and back seat riders. People may choose to invest in a dash cam […]

What are Some Possible Permanent Injuries I may Suffer in a Car Accident?

In the best case, getting into a car accident results in minor property damage to a vehicle and the owner suffers no injuries. Unfortunately, that’s not always how car accidents work out. Many car accidents cause serious personal injury to victims. That gets to be extremely frustrating because it could have been avoided. Human error […]

Why are Turn Signals So Important?

Turn Signals

Turn signals are the best way for motorists to let other drivers know that they are planning to turn, change lanes, or perform some other maneuver that may affect the drivers and other road users around them. Turn signal use may be shrugged off as a mere courtesy, but when drivers neglect to communicate their […]